Membership for interested parties on this website is firstly for those who wish to keep track of their health in any circumstances. It is interesting that humans forget an ilness or a symptom very quickly under normal circumstances. So the best track for the guidance of your doctor or alternative health practitioner is to give them a printout of each form you complete. Obviously the healthy person will only need to do this once a year but when you have any concerns about your health you should do the forms quarterly or even monthly. To the amateur, seemingly unrelated symptoms will have no meaning but to the profesional they can be very important information. So the first membership is for the once a year form user and this is completely free. It is listed in the register page as the INTEREST MEMBERSHIP and you will get many benefits from this membership.

For the concerned member who wishes to use the form more often each year we have provided the CONCERNED MEMBERSHIP which allows unlimited use of the form. This can be then connected to membership to any of our other helpful natural health sites. So the information can be passed on to any professional who is mentoring your progress on one of those sites. See the up to date list on the ABOUT US PAGE.

The final membership for this website is for contributers who may be professionals and may make contributions to the site for which they may be paid as well. The CONTRIBUTORS MEMBERSHIP covers the cost of sorting all the contributions throughout the years.

Thank you and we will do everything in our power to make your membership usefull and enjoyable.