Medical Uses

Anyone who has used medical services for any length of time knows that some things work and some treatments and some potions do not. The thing today is to hand over responsibility for our health to others. In some cases this practice works but in most cases it does not produce optimum results. In fact in asian countries it was always the practice to pay the physician when you were in good health and as soon as the health declined a little the payment was stopped. So the practitioner was in those days responsible in the very best way. The ailment was detected early and reversed quickly so the health payments resumed. Now of course we pay for each visit and sometimes there is no result or a result can be either negative or positive but the payment has been made. The fact is that regardless of your history of outcomes, the system is flawed and people come to fear the ailments, the medical practitioners and the system. Fear is known to be the worst generator of negative emotions and directly responsible for diseases as well as actual stimulation of the progress of disease. The system gets worse.

Time now to see that the flaw in the system is not the practitioners or the medications or even the ailments themselves but it is the lack of responsibility on our parts for our own health. It has been so easy to line up at the doctors and let them do the hard yards. 120 years ago there were around 200 diseases. Now there are 10,000 or more. There are thousands of medications, original versions, copies, incompatibilities and lists of side effects which are now taken very seriously by the medical profession. In most countries the drug manufacturers are beyond or almost beyond prosecution while the practitioner is open to prosecution for everything they do and to cover this they have massive insurance policies. So the pressure is on from every direction.

Are you one of those people who have given away this responsibility and spend much of your time boring other innocent people with the details of your treatments especially when they are not producing results or causing side effects which are uncomfortable? Well as suggested it is time to accept responsibility yourself. There are two parts to this and the first is finding genuine information about the disease in question and the medical and alternative methods of reversal. If the medical information says no cure or no reversal try the alternative. It must be remembered here that most of the extra diseases which have surfaced since 200 years ago are lifestyle diseases caused mainly by processed foods and chemicals and lack of exercise. So one of the reasons that the medical fraternity have never seen a cure is that the people they are treating are not changing to a healthier lifestyle while the treatment is going on. So they are not eliminating the cause.

After you have studied the disease and its causes they use the form from this site to record your condition and all the symptoms. Do not miss anything as it may be important. For example Thyroid disease can have many symptoms including hair loss, skin markings, energy depletion, depression and many ladies reproductive organ problems such as endometriosis. A certain treatment program may help two of the symptoms but make the other one worse for a period of time. Unfortunately we forget what is gone! Then we get to the importance of recording as discussed in the page by that name.