Importance Of A Healthchecklist


If you have not already found out health is the most important thing in your life. Okay Family etc etc but without health you cannot enjoy any of the other things. So what is the big deal about keeping a record of your health status at different points in your life.

Fact is that it is actually very hard to remember either the sequence of events or the severity of the ailments. Both these factors and the medications used are important now for both medical and alternative treatment programs to be most effective.

If you are not doing well it is important to have all this information at your fingertips. Sometimes certain medications or treatments are ineffective or may take some time to kick in. if this is the case you need a record so that you or your practitioner will not waste time with something which does not work. Generally if there is no progress it could indicate that a second or even third ailment is present and causing repeat symptoms where they should be cleared up.

If you on the other hand are doing well, nature has given us all cycles and so there will be occasions when we slip backwards and it is at times like this we need a written collection of the symptoms we exhibited before the little setback and before the beginning of our treatment. Apart from all the other benefits there is a confidence factor and if we do not clearly assess our progress based on the written history, we will often fail to continue just when it is most needed. Some symptoms may not seem important but they all are causing us discomfort or pain of some sort or we would not call them symptoms. Doctors do keep a medical history on their patients but when we move or find a better one there is often the loss of continuity in the records.

This is also so much more important for children. Many times there is no clear path to their overcoming one or a group of ailments and a constant recording of health history makes everything so much easier.