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Healthcheckform is for everybody. Fill one out this year and a check one next year you can gauge your progress and if you need to take action that information is useful.


Hello again thanks for stopping and the healthcheckform site is provided for a multiplicity of purposes.

!     For our detoxes the form is filled in at the beginning and at various stages throughout the detox depending on the length of the detox. healthybodyclub organises detoxes every few months and they are updated every couple of days on the website thisyearsdetox.com. Remote detoxers can follow the routine using an inexpensive membership program. Check out the website.

2    Any natural health organisation can use the website pages for the mapping of progress in any healthcare situation.

3    Private individuals can use the forms to keep track of their progress with any medical or alternative healing program they happen to on. Or even keep track of the comings and goings of side effects from traditional medical care.

We do encourage the use and understanding of natural health for maintenance of an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

We encourage practitioners using all types of natural health methods as most have a very positive impact.

Our healthcheckform is obviously a detailed one but it is very important to fill it out also in detail. Do not miss anything! Every little thing in health has a meaning. Our bodies are full of diagnostic functions of which a few only are still in common use. Have a look at the website diagnosisaccurate.com for a fascinating coverage of the diagnostic information available from the body.

Symptoms are part of this diagnostic body map and they tell the alert practitioner what is going on before it happens or at least before the disease is obvious so that positive remedial action can be taken. Be alert and care for your health!!